domingo, 27 de septiembre de 2009


The best invention this world has ever seen was introduced to me this week... I did not take photos of the event but my friend did so hopefully I can pop some up shortly... But this invention is called Pizooki... a mix of the words Pizza and cookie... so i guess in NZ it would be more appropriate to say piziscut...

So this Pizooki was AMAZING!!!!!!! many of us USACers have been craving sugary goodness so in the weekend just been a group of us decided to do something about it... Erik, Colleen Nathan and I took over my host families kitchen on sat night while they were out and we whipped up some super amazing 'cookie' dough... as chocolate chips were unavailable we settled for choc bars chopped into large chunks (how terrible a swap!!)... So then instead of making biscuits we used two rather large pizza trays and made gigantic cookies... We popped them into the oven and the secret which is very important is to not cook them fully so they are still kinda soft (using baking soda instead of powder also helps with this)... we watched them like hawks and took them out and while hot and soft and just melt in your mouth good... and dumped a huge ( very very large amount) of ice cream on the top of each one!!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING... so delicious and just what chocolate cravings needed... we ate soooooooooo much ( i was very glad i had not eaten tea).

We also watched a hardcore movie called 'sin nombre' was very realistic and sad about Mexican gangs and a family trying to get to the US. However it was all in spanish and very hard to understand.. thank goodness for good acting!!!

After the movie we were still extremely lleno (full) and so we all had to walk... I am not kidding when i say we all had cookie baby bellys following our experience!!! But so so worth it... very excited about next pizooki night though we will either cut the recipe or invite more people!!!!

Well apart from that I have also brought a bike... It is a single speed, back pedal to break, female frame, with a basket on the front sort of bike and I love it!!!!! my friends and I went for a mammoth ride on sat and our butts really felt it afterward... I would love to put up a photo but this will have to wait as it is late at night and I haven't yet taken one... Also I went out to ride it tonight and I had a flat tire :-( I do not wish for the first images of my bike to be ones of her wounded so you will have to just wait for later!!!
My new fav thing to do is ride the streets at night... it is such an old school bike I feel like I am Mary Poppins or something when I ride it!!!!

These are the most recent exciting happenings!!! I had a few 'exams' this week which were just fantastic... I cant say I miss writing mammoth essays, and small quizzes to get tested on knowledge of the paper and mid terms sure beat essays and 60% final exams!!!

Well that is my fin de semana (weekend)... I plan to use a bit of spanglish in this blog just to help all my kiwi friends get a feel for the lingo... lol...

It has been pretty hilarious teaching some of the kiwi lingo to the unitedstatesians... they really like the words Choice and Mankey and the phrases 'spit the dummy' and 'I'm keen'... I'm slowly converting them to true english!!!

well hopefully will post some photos soon...

Oh and for pizooki I would highly recommend the Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe... MUY RICO (super Yummy)!!!!


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