domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

Mission Impossible... Getting to Reno

So I headed out to the airport... got to the check in counter... all good luggage weight wise but my hand luggage... Since when do they weigh that?? Grrrrr I was only 10 kgs over the 7 kg limit... crickey... some quick rearranging into my big purse and I was away through security...

I sat and waited and waited for the plane, boarding time came... no plane... take off time came... no plane... but the TV screen still said 'on time' hmmmmmmmmm about half an hour after take off time I began to become concerned about making my connecting flight... so started to hunt down some COPA staff... very difficult... went to the help desk... no one there... hmmmm... got back to the boarding gate and more people were starting to ask questions. Eventually a few COPA staff came out to the gate and told us they decided not to have our flight anymore...grrrr so they were combining our flight and the one with the same destination an hour later... however all those with connecting flights out of Panama to the US would not make their connections so would get a connection the next day... THIS WOULD NOT WORK...
I had a connection from LA to Reno and HAD to be there on next day as on the following day we (Collen, Erik and I) were headed down to San Francisco to pick up Nathan from SFO airport.

So thus began my fight to get to Reno.

I was told to go back to the check out counter where my bags would be delivered back to me and from there they would work out a way to get me to LAX...

They told me at first again that I could simply wait for tomorrow, when I told them again that this wouldnt be possible they offered to send me to Mexico??? as if Mexico City and Reno were the same place. They really were not too helpful so as they fluffed around I did some translating for a poor Aussie guy who had a connecting flight from LAX home. We eventually managed to get a flight to Guatemala City for the night where they put us up in a nice hotel, then the next day they flew us early to LAX. I still missed my connection but was able to get a flight later that day. I hung out for about 8 hours in the airport myself but it was ok. I survived! and the aussie guy made his connection so... only a whole 12 hours or so late and a lot of stressful conversations I arrived in RENO!!! to see Colleen's beautiful face waiting for me!

Thanks COPA! You guys are awesome

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