lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010

RENO... Last travel post YAY!!i

So I arrived in Reno, after a flight complete with a screaming child and Colleen took me out to meet up with Erik and her lovely sister Erin!

We then headed into Reno, the 'Biggest little city in the world' to meet some friends who were in Costa Rica with me. We met at this giant complex which had a ton of restaurants and a massive casino... just cos we were there we quickly hopped on a pokie machine and I played a dollar... I managed to get bored very quickly and had lost and won enough times to still have a dollar... We cashed out and headed for a restaurant. Everyone else just got desert but I was starving so ordered up a big burger and chips! YUM

We drove back to Colleens place after saying buy to the friends and Erik and fell asleep ASAp (Colleen's bed was pretty much the comfiest thing I have ever slept on).
Bright and early the next morning we left for San Fran.

It was so exciting driving in the states. Erik and Colleen prob got sick of the number of times I said 'its just like the movies'. We made it to SF airport fine and headed to the domestic arrivals level... no sign of Nathan, we called him, he said he was at SFO so we drove around again... still not there, we decided to try international arrivals but missed the turn off so headed through domestic again. He wasnt in international arrivals or departures so as a final resort we hit up domestic departures and there he was! PHEW we were starting to think we were in the wrong airport. The fab four were reunited again!! CHA WHOOOOO

The next four or so days were AMAZINGLY AWESOME

In SF we visited Chinatown, and the Pier and this Chocolate place called Ghirardelli's square before returning to the Pier for tea of Clam Chowder in Sourdough bread bowls! pretty much amazing!! We saw some pretty funny sights but nothing can beat the man dressed as Abu (tights over unsupportive undies with a vest and a cap and a tail)from Aladdin dancing to the beat of another guy playing a small drum kit... so bizzare and gross but mesmerizing!

After driving the windiest snaky street ever we drove back to Reno, having some interesting adventures, such as finding a loo, on the way home.

The following day we floated down the Reno river in tubes... Collen and Erik shared, me and Erin shared and Nathan was the lone sailor, but mainly we all held each others tires so we were one mighty raft. Pretty much the whole of Reno was out for the day but it was super fun chilling and going down the rapiditas. We had this really good takeaway like MDs but better called In and Out, it was pretty awesome, they had a drink option of pink lemonade... huh

As Erik returned to work the next day Nathan, Colleen and I headed out to lake Tahoe, what a beautiful lake. Beautiful BUT freezing freezing cold. We had a yummy lunch, fighting off hungry squirrels, and spent the avo catching some rays and taking a quick quick dip.Then we went to meet up with Erik,and chilled at his Dad's place with Pizza!

Shopping was next on the agenda and we quickly found me a pair of jeans and some good and much needed tops, I think we impressed Nathan with our quick shopping skills even though we were females. That night as Collen's parents were still yet to meet Erik the boys came out for dinner and stayed the night. We had a great BBQ and then chilled and shared some good Flor de Cana and played games and talked to the wee small hours. No one was looking forward to the next morning.

Up early again we dropped Nathan at the airport. Pretty sad times. Colleen and I shopped the rest of the morning finding some cute dresses and just enjoying ourselves. We met Erik after and got ready to drop me at the airport... More sad times. I was not impressed but a flight was to be caught. Yet another screaming child (quite a good contraception method would be to stick teenagers on a plane for three hours with a screaming child or two). And I was back in LAX. I found my way to Qantas, checked in, (they also weighed my hand luggage grrrrrrrr) and before I knew it was on my way back to NZ... Boy was it a cold place in July!!

I arrived home on the 2nd of July and as it was one of my best friend's birthdays I decided to only tell Mum and Dad the day I was coming home (everyone else thought the 7th) so I could surprise her. She was pretty stoked to see me I think :-)

And that was my adventure!! YAY YAY YAY cant wait for the next one though I can wait for the blogging!

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  1. pretty stoked - why you were the best present!
    thanks for being a super surprise :)

    congrats on finishing your blog Ruthie :)

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