miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Carnivales… whoop whoop get your fiesta on!!

SO every year Puntarenas is home to Carnivales just before lent starts. It is a time of party partying!!! There were tons and tons of food stalls… ate my weight in caramel filled donut logs thingys called churros rellenos… every night the streets were pretty full with people and dancing!! BUT the final night was by far the most packed! there was a concert during the day with this really awesome reggae band called fuerza dread and there was this famous international guy but Im not cool enough to have heard of him before or remember his name… so you will have to live without knowing…
well I actually enjoyed the week though I was ready for the Punt to shrink back to normal size and for the mounds of rubbish and crap to be cleared away… and oh my for the smell after the horse parade to go away!!

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