jueves, 29 de abril de 2010


This semester our overnight trip with Uni was to Monteverde a cloud forest (yep just like it sounds a forest in the clouds). It was also over the weekend that held our friend Amanda’s Birthday. So a few of us girlies got together and made a banana cake and iced it and then froze it in the tin so it would travel good. It took a bit of sneakiness to get it up to Monteverde without anyone noticing we had a cake on us but it worked out well and we managed it!!!
The morning we left we met early and got some yummy bread for breakfast as it was Amandas birthday…

Anyways we got there on sat morning ad had the best pizza lunch… it was so good… the best part no rice and no beans!!! (yep a little over those). Then we headed out for a forest walk… we were supposed to see wild life but all we saw was a centipede and a stick insect hmmmmm maybe we were too loud… but the forest was cool and very Jurassic parky…we also went to a hummingbird garden… I don’t really (read AT ALL) like birds especially ones that flitter al over the show so I was very close to screaming at times when they got too close to me… we went back to the hotel… had a nap under blankets (because of clouds it was chilly) and then hot showers before going out for din dins… we ate and came back to the hotel for some special coffee and to eat the cake. We stayed up to the wee small hours of the morning playing fun hand clappy rhythm games!!

Breakfast (after another hot shower… BLISS) was fruit, cha whooo, then we got ready to go zip lining. The zip lining was the most amazing thing ever!!! it was sooo high and the lines were insanely long!! the final one was 1km flying over the top of forest!! it was crazy cool.

a butterfly garden later and we were on the bus heading for home… what a sweet weekend!!

The next weekend we were to start spring break and as Erik’s birthday was on the sat we decided to celebrate early and have a fire and make smores on the beach on the thurday night… the boys got crazy lighting palm leaves one fire and waving the around… but a the women of this couple visiting Erik who had had three sons told us not to worry and that it was just a boy thing!!

well next blog will be about my AMAZING time during spring break so hold tight!!!

Oh and if there are losts of mistakes i apologise... learning spanish has screwed with my english spelling and i was never good to begin with anyway, and i am too lazy to spell check...

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