miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

Week off!!

Also like last semester there was a week long trip but this time to Nicaragua. However as I had already done some exploring in Nicaragua I decided to save my money (school trips are rather expensive) and do some other traveling.

BUT just before our big week off something very exciting happened… two of my bestest friends here from Reno, Nevada in the states. They were dating when they got here (had been for like 2 yrs) and got engaged at a 2 and a half yrs so it wasn’t a surprise really to any one back home or to those who knew them well here but it is still so exciting!!! Erik told me he had bought the ring about a week or two before her proposed so I had to keep my lips sealed for quite a while. (if anyone wishes to sponser me to get over to the wedding in August I will not say no!!)

Well we left them in Puntarenas to start wedding planning and went off travelling. Due to groups expanding and changing my friend Laura and I eventually decided just to travel the two of us for the week. We decided to see a few of the Northern beaches in Costa Rica and then head to Nicaragua cos Laura had to do a border run.

So for the first section we had to take a bus with some fellow USACers to a town called Liberia. From there we were heading out to the Pacific and they were heading nth to Nicaragua. Got to Liberia and bought our tickets to our next stop, we were going to a beach called Brasilitos. As we were waiting for our bus the others loaded onto the bus for Nicaragua. Moments later Cody comes running off and grabs his surf board out from under the bus… turns out her forgot his passport… a rather essential piece of equipment for border crossing. So that Cody didn’t have to go all the way back to Puntarenas by himself we decided to change plans. We changed our tickets to Tamarindo beach, better for surfing, and went there instead. Laura and I hired boards and for the next three days this was our rutine. Breakfast, surf, lunch, (shop maybe) nap, surf, dinner, sleep… we were so tired from surfing that we were real nanas and slept early…

The surf wasn’t the best but it was still lots of fun, and the beach was 100% nicer than the one we have in the dirty Punt!! we decided to come back to Puntarenas early rather than going anywhere else and I hung out round here and with Colleen and Erik for the rest of the week.

On Saturday I gave them their engagement present and took them in to San Jose for the day. We had churros filled with caramel and coffee!! then we went to the movies- saw Hurt Locker which was very strange but very good!

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