miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

First part of the new semester!

Ok so yes I have yet again waited a LONG time to post a blog… but you kinda get a better deal when you think about it because now im only going to remember the good stuff to write about so you wont have to wade through any of the boring stuff!! I aim to have you pretty good and caught up in a couple of days but I do have exams soon so…
ok so cranking into it… (please note something may not appear chronologically but rather in an idea as it fits better or something…)

I waited all day for the new kids to arrive cos my friend from nz was coming! When she got here her accent sounded so weird!! but it was great to hang with a kiwi again!! The only kiwis I had met in the past 5 months had been at the border crossing back into Costa Rica a few days early there were a few girls in the line for the loo... they were from Auckland so maybe that explains there behaviour but they were not very friendly (note to all kiwi travelers it is pretty much a law that when you meet other kiwis you should act excited and welcoming!!) so I was happy to see Leona!

As with last semester we had a day trip during our second weekend. We went to visit a national park on the Nicoya peninsula as well as a really pretty island group called the Tortuga Islands. In the national park we wondered around trying to spot some exciting animals… eventually we saw a howler monkey and a camo butterfly but all the animalitos seemed to be hiding… We went snorkeling, it was cool, quite a few fish but the Caribbean has spoiled my snorkeling experiences for life as I don’t know how anything will compare to the coral and fishes we saw over there… For afternoon tea there was a ton of fruit and Colleen and I went crazy just because we never get fruit in our houses... it was soooooooo good…

Because we hadn’t learned from our last church camp experience we decided to go on another one back to the same finca… OH MY WORD… WHY WHY WHY is all I ask… it was torture!! I learnt about all the fun things Christians cant do… like drink at all, dance anywhere, go to the beach?? also how I should go to church about 100 times a week… yeah sign me up for that… so glad I don’t have to do all that/ not do that to actually have a relationship with Christ but it sure made me feel sorry for all the kiddos in that youth group. Me and colleen had some good bonding time sharing a single mattress again for two nights… again we were busting to get out of there but the funny and awkward strange moments did kinda make it worthwhile!

This semester I signed up for a conversation partner again, they are students learning English and so we practice some English and some Spanish. Last semester it didn’t work out too well as my partner never showed after the first time when he found out I wasn’t from the states (no chance of a green card) and I didn’t really like to party. So this semester I got paired with an older married chica… she was lovely and we talked for an hour each week for the first couple of weeks until I got sick and then we never really organized to meet again. But she was really cool the times we did hang out… she taught me how to make tres leches, a traditional (and yummy) desert here. if you are in palmy in NZ I shall make it for you sometime if you want! I also got taken with the family to a really nice river and we had a bbq and swam and walked a little. It was a really cute place check out photos on facebook… (should be up soon)…

ok so that is the first part of the blog. I intend to still break up the sections a little so you can digest them and not get beaten to death with way to much writing… once again no photos yet unless someone can instruct this technologically illiterate girl on the art of uploading pics quickly… look on face book!!

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